Corporate Entity Application

Corporate Entity Application

Here's how you do the Corporate Entity Application:
Step 1: Start your Corporate Entity Application
The first page of the Corporate Entity application is related to the processing of the applicant's personal data. Click Next to move to the next step.
Step 2: Fill out the Company Data
Enter the company name, and company registration number properly in the required fields. Ensure that the Company name and Registration Number do match the company's legal documents.
Major errors in the company name and registration number will lead the KYB to be returned to the user, which might cause a slight delay.
Step 3: Choose the Country of Incorporation from the dropdown list
Step 4: Attach the entity's legal documents
Ensure to choose the correct name of each legal document from the dropdown list, and proceed with attaching the related legal document. Once all entity documents are uploaded, proceed to the next page by clicking "Next."
Step 5: Add the entity's Ultimate Beneficial Owner
An Ultimate Beneficial Owner or UBO is a person or persons who ultimately own or control the legal entity.
Start the UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner) verification by following the below steps:
  1. 1.
    Choose the UBO's position within the company
  2. 2.
    Fill out all personal information related to the UBO
  3. 3.
    If the UBO is present upon filling out this form and UBO Identification document is available, then you can proceed with completing the UBO verification by clicking on "Start Verification Now."
If UBO is not present or his Identification document is not on hand, then you can send the UBO verification link to the UBO by email by clicking on “Send link via email.”
4. Once done, click on “Add Participant” and proceed to the next page.
5. You have the option to add another UBO, if necessary, by clicking on “Add Director / Board Member / UBO.”
6. Once the UBO step is complete, proceed to the next page.
Step 6: Add the Entity’s Shareholders and Directors
Add all Shareholders and Directors who hold more than 25% of total shares in the company.
You can add Shareholders and Directors by following the same steps as adding the UBO. The requirements for Shareholders or Directors are the same during the KYB.
  • Fill out all Shareholder/Directors information
  • Complete verification process by clicking on “Start Verification Now” or by sending the link through email to the shareholder by clicking on “Send Link via email"
  • Click on “Add Participant” and proceed to the next step
If the UBO and Shareholder/Directors of the Entity are the same individual/Entity you can proceed with filling out the same Name, Family Name, Email, and Phone Number. In this case, the UBO/Shareholder is required to fill out the Personal Verification Form only once.
If the Shareholder/Directors of the Company is an Entity, then make sure to choose the “Entity” as the shareholder/directors type. In this case, you will be requested to proceed to fill out the Shareholder/Directors KYB (following the same process being explained).
Step 7: Add Source of Funds Identification Document
Source of Funds Verification can be copies of the latest audited Company Accounts, proof of digital asset balances on other exchanges, or bank statements showing sources of business revenue. Ensure the uploaded document covers the last 12 months.
Step 8: Review and Submission
Review all entered data and click on “Edit” if you need to amend any information already inserted.
Click on “Submit” to finalize your application.
Make sure that the UBO and the Shareholder have completed their Personal Verification applications before submitting your application.
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