FIFA World Cup Campaign

About the Campaign

This is a winning campaign being held in the backdrop of Qatar World Cup Championship 2022, where the users investing in the tokens of the eventual world champion win, with a special rewards promo for the first 1000 users joining this campaign!
This campaign can be accessed by visiting, clicking on 'World Cup' on the top right corner of the page - and then selecting the nation's token to buy, logging in and then proceeding for the purchase of those tokens in user's anticipation of the nation's championship win. This activity, herein is also referred as to subscribe, and subscription.
Any LYOTRADE user can purchase (subscribe) the tokens of any nation here, subject to a maximum purchase of 200 USDT worth of the nation's token purchase per user.
As the championship goes on, these tokens can be swapped under "Spot trading".
The subscriptions of the above users accumulate into the prize pool for the World Cup event. The tokens not bought will be burned, and the total prize pool will then be equal to the accumulated subscription amount.
Based on the eventual championship win, users who have subscribed for the final champion will receive their rewards in USDT, based on their proportion of tokens held of the champion team

Participation Period

20th November 2022 To 18th December 2022

About the tokens

There are a total of 32 tokens listed, each coin representing a national team.
There is a maximum supply of 100,000 per the representational nation token. Hence, a total supply of 3,200,000 tokens considering all the 32 teams.
Promo for the 1st 1000 users
Apart from the championship winning opportunity
For every 1 USDT purchase of the country's token, user will win 0.5 USDT worth of SCLP token, subject to a maximum of 25 USDT worth of SCLP tokens.
In simpler words, for every 2 USDT purchase, user will win 1 SCLP token. If the user purchases 300 USDT worth of country tokens, the user will receive 25 SCLP tokens

Current status of this promo for the first 1000 users

1000 users have been completed. Congratulations to all the participants who have won the SCLP tokens as airdrops in their wallets.