LYOSWAP BOT is a tool used to exchange cryptocurrency directly on a Telegram app in just a few clicks. The BOT is available now for smartphone and computer desktop apps.
Swap crypto on the go! In just a few taps, you can make an exchange without leaving Telegram. 380+ cryptocurrencies are available with no registration, KYC, or hidden fees. No extra charges compared to web-based swaps.
The BOT chats with you, asking you to select buttons that lead to actions, and write messages to enter information.
Receive push notifications once your exchange is done. The BOT lets you know when your exchange is completed, so you don’t have to check your transaction status on the website.

How to Use It

Go on Telegram chat. Select Start, or send message "/start". Before you first use it, we will ask you to read and accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
Step 1: Select the currency. To set up your crypto swap, select “Start new exchange”. You can then choose the cryptocurrency you want to swap. 380+ coins are available. You can enter the ticker or the full name of the cryptocurrency in the message field, or select one of the popular coins shown on the keyboard.
If there’s a typo, the bot will offer you the most likely options. If the selected coin runs on only a few networks, we will ask you to choose the blockchain too.
Step 2: Choose the cryptocurrency you want to get by typing the coin name.
Step 3: Set the amount of cryptocurrency that you want to swap. You will see the minimum sum needed for exchange: usually, it’s around $2-$5. Once you enter your amount, the BOT will instantly calculate how much exchanged cryptocurrency you will get. We display an approximate number because rates may change while you are entering the swap. All fees are already included in the estimated amount.
Step 4: Enter the recipient's address. This is the wallet where you want to receive the swapped crypto.
Step 5: Confirm the exchange. We will show you the details of the swap: what currencies you are exchanging, how much, and to what address.
Step 6: Deposit funds. Go to your crypto wallet, send the required amount to the address provided by the bot, and you will receive the swapped coins.
We process an exchange in about five minutes. If the status is labeled as “Waiting” means we haven’t received your crypto yet.