How to buy crypto through PiX on LYOTRADE desktop

Follow these steps to buy cryptocurrency through LYOTRADE, starting with buying USDT through PIX:
1) User can access PiX through three links:
  • Hover on Services on the menu bar, and select 'Buy USDT with PIX'
  • Alternatively, Click on this promotional banner on the home page
  • After login, select Balances, Digital Account, and select "Buy USDT"
2. Enter the BRL amount, or USDT amount. System will automatically calculate the value of the other currency.
Click 'Buy'
3. Enter your CPF number for Verification.
4. If CPF is verified, user can directly proceed for QR scan from PIX enabled application for payment.
For the first time, CPF Verification will start with test transaction of 5 BRL which has to be paid by the user at the QR code from user's PiX enabled mobile application ⚠️ within maximum 4 minutes and 30 seconds
When the payment is successfully done and detected, the QR code will show a success status 'approved' and soon the payment done of 5 BRL will be auto-chargeback (transferred back) to user's bank.
⚠️ Note
There is a minor problem being faced by users where the verification process once done on the LYOTRADE app has to be performed again on LYOTRADE desktop site, and vice versa. Team has identified the problem and currently working on it, it will be fixed in a few days.