Copy Trading

Copy Trading

Copy Trading is the feature in which the user allocates a part of their crypto assets, to be synced (mimic) with the Futures trading activities (opening and closing positions) of more experienced traders the users can select - thereby generating the profit/loss in the background based on the experienced trader's trading activities.
There are two parties involved in this trading activity:
  • Copier (The user who invests a part of their assets which will be engaged in copy trading from the signal provider's trades being executed)
  • Signal Provider/KOL - (The experienced trader whose trading positions will be copied by the copiers)

How to proceed for Copy Trading?

1) Users must select Copy Trading from the "Services" menu
2) The users are presented with a list of the signal providers, with a table of rankings backed by real-time statistics of their trading performance and profits to date. (ROI, total P&L, winning percentage)
3) The users can select the signal provider based on the statistics, and choose to follow (copy) by amount or proportion.
4) The signal provider's opening and closing balances will be copied in relation to the amount or proportion set by the copier until the follow activity has been ended by the copier.
5) The 'Copy Trading History' will show the overview of the total copied amount and income, ongoing trade orders, closed trade orders, and the orders being followed.

How to cancel Copy Trading?

a) The copier can cancel the orders by visiting the 'Ongoing' option from the 'Copy Trading History', and selecting the Signal Providing Trader to stop the copying activity.
b) After the copy trading closure has been initiated by the copier, the existing orders copied will eventually get closed after the signal provider closes the orders.
c) The copier will have the option between:
  • Opting for the closure of the entire copy trading relation with the signal provider;
  • Opting for the closure of a certain order only with that signal provider.

Important notes:

  • The user can end the follow activity (copy trading) at any time.
  • The maximum leverage at present is 10x.
  • The user will not be charged for the service. However, the profits earned will be shared between the copier and the signal provider.